Classic Door Canopies

The canopy side support mouldings are light in weight, and rigid in strength, making a quality and permanent structure.

Each moulding has built in location points, which hold the roof assembly in position. These location points are on each side of the mouldings so that the canopy can be extended if required.

The roof assembly is press formed on two sides, with the ‘Ball Nose’ side giving a pleasing profile shape to the canopy entrance, and also shields the front assembly strap from view. The opposite press formed side acts as a water shed to the wall fitting side.

These door canopies can be fitted in a very short time, with wall fixing points for each side support moulding, and a front assembly strap which holds and locates the roof sheet and mouldings in position.





292mm (11 1/2″)

507mm (20″)


303mm (12″)

650mm (25 1/2″)


Canopy Side Mouldings – Cast aluminium

Canopy Roof Material – 22 gauge, press formed sheet steel (galvanised plated)

Canopy Roof Lengths – A standard canopy is supplied with a one metre long (39″) roof assembly sheet. This will provide enough canopy length to cover the average doorway.


Each canopy assembly is supplied in self colour form, and is designed to be finish painted after fitting and sealing.

A standard one metre long canopy assembly consists of: Two cast aluminium support side mouldings, a press formed roof sheet assembly, assembly fixing strap, mastic sealer, wall fixings and fitting information.