Classic Weather Vanes

Classic Weather Vanes. By Formit construction Tel; 01725 517999

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A traditional weather cock motif A single Horse head motif Running horses motif
£323.00 plus carriage £332.00 plus carriage £348.00 plus carriage


The photographs above show our Full range of Classic Weather vane designs.

All weather vanes of the above designs are supplied with a matt black, powder coated paint finish.

Our Classic weather vane designs are stylish, with the emphasis on quality workmanship and involved design.

The solid bar and steel plate of the vanes construction makes for a quality product. Weather vanes can be mounted in many positions around the home, Chimney stack, Garage/Out building, Barn etc, or on a Garden Feature Tower/Obelisk.  The latter is my personal choice and NOT painted either, letting the ironwork form a rust coat along with the Tower/Obelisk mounting structure. In this particular way of mounting a weather vane.

We recommend that the North, South, East and West ironwork parts be left from the manufactured design, making the Vane it’self and the Tower/Obelisk the feature.

A full range of Garden Ironwork feature Towers and Obelisks can be viewed on our Garden Ironwork website ( ) and a Link is supplied for your convenience.












The photograph above shows the Tall and Deep Vane support bracket, which is our standard design and a substantial support for our Classic Weather vane design range.

Weathervane dimensions.

Support bracket; Height; 1100mm Depth; 290mm Width; 60mm

Vane body; 800mm x 800mm (plan view) Height; 480mm

Motif with pointer;
Height; 600mm Length; 780mm

Single horse head;
Height; 720mm Length; 820mm

Running horses;
Height; 600mm Length; 1100mm