Door/Window Canopies

The Dorchester Door/Window Canopy

dorchester door

The Dorchester canopy is our smallest design, its support brackets reach out from the wall to 473mm (18 1/2″)

The brackets are designed to support a clear box profile plastic sheet and the unit can be used to cover a single door/window, or as the photograph shows above, to support a long length of plastic sheet perhaps covering a long window or door and windows combination.

The clear plastic roof sheets enable light through and this can be very important to many customers. The roof sheet protrudes past the support brackets at the front edge by approximately 20mm.

A standard door canopy kit consists of: Two iron support brackets, one roof sheet with stainless steel fixings, one water shed strip for the wall side and standard fixing to the wall fittings of raw plugs and screws. We ask that customers study their own wall to see if these fixings are suitable. Customers may have to supply their own wall fixings to suit their particular or unique application. E.g: Fitting the unit to a mobile home, log cabin, castle etc.


The Exeter Door/Window Canopy


This canopy design can be supplied as a plain design or with a scrollwork decoration (as shown in the photograph above).

The support brackets reach out from the wall to 608mm (23 7/8″)

The Exeter door canopy is designed to have a plastic box profile roof sheet and it’s application is identical to the smaller Dorchester design.




The Norwich Door/Window Canopy

norwhich deep

The Norwich canopy is designed to have a galvanised metal roof sheet and the brackets reach out from the wall to 655mm (25 3/4″)

The canopy can be extended along the wall by installing extra support brackets of 1000mm in length. Each iron support bracket has inbuilt location points to retain each roof sheet. An assembly strap is supplied and is fitted behind the front ‘Bull Nose’ front form so as to be out of view. Galvanised roof sheets can be supplied at a shorter length if required and special roof sheets of extra length of up to 1250mm can also be supplied on request.

The iron support brackets of Norwich door canopies are available in two height sizes. We refer to the larger bracket as ‘Norwich Deep’. As a single door canopy over door or window, both design styles of support bracket are quite suitable. If the design application is to be a canopy covering a door/window combination of some length, then the suggestion would be to use Norwich Deep for each end and the not so high standard support bracket(s) in the mid section.


The Oxford Door Canopy


The Oxford door canopy has stainless steel side support brackets and assemble fixing tie rods. The water shed strip at the wall side fixings is galvanised steel. The grade of stainless steel used in this door canopies construction is of a grade to resist the elements well including salt air conditions at the coast.

The canopy design is fitted with a clear box profile and apart from the occasional cleaning, this canopy is maintenance free.

The standard roof sheet supplied is 1000mm long, which can be reduced in length along with the other fittings if required, by us or by the customer.

* The door canopy is NOT designed to be extendable as opposed to our other canopy designs.

Each stainless steel support bracket reaches out from the wall to: 610mm (24”)

The Salisbury Door Canopy


The Salisbury door canopy is designed to have a roof sheet length of a maximum 1250mm long.  A standard Salisbury canopy kit is supplied with a roof sheet of 1000mm which is long enough for most doorway widths.  This design of door canopy can be assembled in our workshop, with a shorter length of roof sheet if required.  Each canopy unit is supplied fully assembled & ready for the customer to fit.

The photograph above shows our all steel model, which as a galvanised steel roof sheet & decorative framing with scrollwork & leaf work patterning.  Each canopy is supplied in a self-colour form, for customers to paint finish & the colour in the photograph is for demonstration purposes only.

The Salisbury door canopy is available in two models, the all steel as shown above & an all stainless steel constructed model.  * Both design models are not extendible & each canopy support bracket extends from the wall to a distance of; one fully assembled canopy unit, to wall fixings & a sealer compound to use along the wall water shed forming.